Congratulations Truckers!! You have done it again! You have topped another year, raising $119,000 for the fight against cancer! Each and every one of you should be proud of the job you have done. The truckers parade would not happen without the love and support you show our survivors and the families of the ones lost.

Thanks again, photos should be coming soon, be on the lookout. A huge THANK YOU to our sponsors also, you help this awesome display of support carry on with your help to fund the expenses. Thanks to everyone who helped put this event together and made such a heart warming day a success!

Thanks to Excel Truck Group for the generous support since the start of the Truckers Parade in 2000.


If you would like to make donations to the American Cancer Society, you can make a check out to American Cancer Society or ACS. Send checks to:
471 Nollie Road
Phenix, VA 23959

Trucker's Parade Against Cancer

Click here to print a copy of the map