Kermit and Rhonda Jones Family 

Tucker Timber 

Tammy Canada-Pictures

Key Truck and Equipment


1100 West Third St.

Farmville, VA 23901

Kermit Jones, salesman for

Excel Truck Group 



TPAC Team Members and all

the great Trucker's that make our

event, what it is.  

Clarksville Ruritans

Robert Tucker

There are lots of great Woodmen Life Representatives in our area.  This one is on the TPAC Team - Robert Clowdis 434-470-1358

Special Thanks to our long time supporters and to everyone that makes

                                          our day so special!

Hampton Dodd 

Brenda Vassar

Dalton Bennett-Auctioneer

This event would not be possible without our sponsors, please try to purchase and buy local, these are the people that support events in your neighborhood.  Let's return the favor and show them support as well.  


Alan Jones

Brown Brother's and friends -  Stew Cookers -

Aetna Insurance Company 

Darrin and Sheila Jones

Matt Mason-pictures 

One of our charter sponsors of TPAC, Kenneth W. Jones, has passed away. Kenneth       was known across several states and will be remembered for his love of the                     trucking industry. He was a great man and will be missed.

Our Most Recent Supporters that make our day possible

Long's Farm Supply, Inc. 

1103 Lynchburg Ave

Brookneal, VA - 376-5901

Charter Sponsors

Paul Jackson-Helicopter